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Established in 2010, the practice is a relatively new concept for the Montgomery region.Dr. Davisstarted PAT as a sole provider after toying with the concept to covvenient quality care for our children,for nearly eight years. PAT is a medical bridge between your doctor and the Emergency Room. At the end of a doctor's workday, they can be assured their patients who are ill but cannot wait until morning, who are not sick enough for an Emergency Room visit will get care while receiving the attention they need. There is no time lost from work,or school; Keeps the cost of emergency room down,no change of PCP.
Our practice has a simple yet valuable mission: to enhance the quality of care. We want you and your family’s experience to be remarkable. Along withDr. Davis and the Pediatrics At Twilight staff,we provide a full range of medical care for infants, children, and young adults.
Our office also offers care instructions for developmental needs. Our highly trained and certified registered nurses are available to assist parents in achieving successful thriving techniques.  Feel free to give us a call at(334) 649-3285should you have any further questions about the practice in general or specifically about the doctors.  We also encourage you to spend time reviewing information on our site.
Choosing a pediatrician is a very important decision. Factors to consider are finding one who shares your philosophy on the medical care of your child, immunizations, location and the ever-popular insurance coverage. Follow these steps to help you decide whether our pediatricians are the right pediatrician for you:
   * Read aboutDr. Davis and Pediatrics At Twilight
   * Verify that they are credentialed in network with your insurance plan.
   * Verify our practice location is right for you.
You are welcome to come by the office for a quick tour and meet with the
office manager anytime during regular business hours. The doctors have also set aside certain amount of time to meet with first-time parents. These optional prospective appointments can be made by contacting our scheduling desk at:
 (334) OH YEA TL (Twilight). That's (334) 649-3285.
If you deliver at one of the hospitals where the doctor’s are staff member, all you need to do is notify the hospital staff of your choice at the time of pre-registration or by the time of delivery. Remember, even ifDr. Davisdoes not go to the hospital in which your child is born, we welcome you to call the office at334-649-3285and schedule a
follow-up appointment once you and your baby go home from the hospital.
Paperwork is completed during your first visit. Don’t forget to make sure
your insurance company adds the baby to your policy.
To transfer your child to our office, please do the following:
   * Confirm with your insurance company that Dr Davis accepts your health insurance plan.
   * Some insurance plans require you to contact them and select a primary care physician            (PCP). This must be done before being seen by either doctor to ensure the insurance               will pay for the claim.
   * Visit our forms page where you can complete and send to your previous pediatrician an   authorization so your child’s records can be transferred to us. Before your child is seen             for the first time, we will need a copy of his/her immunization records.
   * Call to make an appointment at334-649-3285to schedule your child’s  
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